The HGC Arbitrage Fund LP (the “Fund”) is an Arbitrage strategy that specializes in the North American small and mid-cap market. Strategies within the Fund include Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations, Traditional Merger Arbitrage and Subscription Receipts. The Fund seeks to provide a low volatility return profile while producing superior risk adjusted returns.


HGC LP20202.88%0.64%-4.82%2.31%2.22%3.07%120.27%
HGC LP20191.52%0.61%0.90%0.71%0.81%0.56%0.46%0.18%0.35%0.38%0.67%1.52%9.02%
HGC LP20180.90%0.96%0.67%0.50%0.57%0.47%1.28%0.68%0.46%0.21%0.46%0.14%7.55%
HGC LP20170.56%0.51%0.46%0.51%0.61%0.88%0.49%0.60%1.07%0.12%-0.42%0.54%6.09%
HGC LP20161.67%1.19%1.32%0.43%1.56%0.64%1.13%0.96%0.46%0.46%0.88%1.50%12.90%
HGC LP20150.71%1.14%1.59%0.09%1.14%0.58%0.11%0.47%0.28%0.79%0.26%0.61%8.03%
HGC LP20140.54%3.19%7.14%1.97%3.68%2.95%1.75%0.30%1.28%-0.11%1.19%-0.59%25.66%
HGC LP20130.52%0.39%1.09%1.23%4.29%1.19%2.86%12.10%



PDF | May 2020 Investor Letter

PDF | Investor Presentation



* Performance returns for 2013-2014 are of the lead series of Class A units
++ 2015 - 2017 Performance returns are of the lead series of Class F units
** Inception June 12, 2013
*** S&P/TSX Comp Total Return Index - The TSX Total Return Index is a widely-known equity index of Canadian large-cap companies. Investing in US and Canadian equities long and short is the primary strategy for HGC as part of the merger arbitrage strategy but HGC does not invest in all or necessarily any of the securities that compose the market indexes. Reference to the indexes does not imply that HGC will achieve returns similar to the indexes.”
**** Hedge Fund Research Inc. : Merger Arbitrage Index - Performance is subject to minor variances due to independent Manager trailing reporting